Words from the Conference Manager

As to the scientific research performed by undergraduates and master studies students, 2011 represents the year when the first Annual Student Conference, CONSTANT, was organized by the Nicolae Titulescu University from Bucharest and the University from Miskolc, Hungary, in partnership with the Nicolae Titulescu Foundation for Law and International Relations.
CONSTANTis a real opportunity for undergraduates and master studies students to elaborate and defend papers in interdisciplinary fields of social sciences (juridical and economic studies, public administration, political sciences, European studies and international relations) and to integrate themselves in the knowledge society which implies, among other things, the need to organize such scientific events for those who are at the beginning of their career.
CONSTANTbasically aims to encourage young research workers to perform research work and to publish their own papers. This aim is particularly important for the organizers since they intend to consolidate the professor-student/master-disciple relationship upon which most of the academic world relies. Thus, the undergraduate/the master student relies upon the knowledge of the professor. To a similar extent, the academic has to (and has the duty to) offer knowledge and to guide the young research worker in the study process implied by the elaboration of a scientific paper.
Thanks to the participation in the CONSTANT Conference, after the submitted papers are assessed, undergraduates and master students have the possibility to publish their studies in the conference volume, CONSTANT eBook, published with ISBN by the Pro Universitaria Publishing House, which is accredited by CNCSIS.
CONSTANTis organized in Romanian and English (authors’ papers are written in Romanian, while their abstracts are written in English.)