About CONSTANT 2022

Annual Student Conference
Nicolae Titulescu - CONSTANT
06th May 2022, Bucharest
12th Edition

The "Nicolae Titulescu" Annual Student Conference - CONSTANT, an international event, organized by "Nicolae Titulescu" University of Bucharest, University of Miskolc, Hungary, and "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse, Bulgaria, in partnership with the "Nicolae Titulescu" International Law and International Relations Foundation, the University Students Association Nicolae Titulescu (ASUNT) and Bucharest University Publishing House "Nicolae Titulescu" represent an opportunity for students and master students to develop and present studies in interdisciplinary fields (legal sciences, economics and social and administrative sciences), to integrate into society knowledge, characterized, among other things, by the necessity of scientific manifestations. From another perspective, CONSTANT is a reason to strengthen the fundamental teacher-student relationship, master-disciple, around which a large part of the university world is built. The student needs the teacher's knowledge. Equally, the teacher needs (and owes) to provide knowledge, to guide the young researcher in the development of a scientific paper. By participating in CONSTANT, as a result of the review process made by the established scientific committee, registered students and master students will have the opportunity to publish the studies elaborated in CONSTANT-eBook, edited by the "Nicolae Titulescu" University Publishing House of Bucharest. CONSTANT will be conducted in Romanian and English (the contributions of the Romanian authors will be written in Romanian with an abstract in Romanian, the contributions of the foreign authors will be written in English with an abstract in English).

Dear students!

We inform you that for the academic year 2021-2022, the CONSTANT Student Conference will take place in the virtual environment, for each section of papers will be created connection links in the ZOOM application. The connection links will be communicated in due time.

All papers approved by the coordinating professors will be published on the conference website and in the e-book. Students will receive participation diplomas and prizes (only the selected papers), in electronic format.

Thank you for participation!


Students and master students interested in participating at CONSTANT 2022 are invited to submit studies in areas of interest (minimum 3000 words and maximum 5000 words). The studies of the Romanian authors will be written in Romanian. The studies of foreign authors will be written in English. In order to register the studies, one of the obligatory conditions is that each work is assumed by a teacher as a scientific coordinator. The studies will be evaluated by the members of the Scientific Committee.

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Participants in the conference will send the study in the required form, online at the following address: